A Happier Vision of Ourselves

My girlfriend recently came across this excellent review of the Boost Your Bust product which lead to her asking my opinion on her bust. As a guy, this is one of those questions that we either carelessly fumble without thinking about our responses or we panic. This is the kind of question which is, ultimately, a sort of emotional trap which takes some delicate diplomacy and empathy. Most guys are not nearly as self aware of their body image as women are and if we do possess any degree of bodily awareness, we’re not typically as sensitive to it and generally don’t think too much on it.

With all of this in mind as I began to plot out an appropriate response, I gave her a smile and told her that I was happy with her the way she is! But, if she felt that she needed to change her appearance in order to make herself happy then I would support her in whatever she decides to do as long as also did it in a healthy way! Sure, you might think it’s easier to just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in a situation like this but trust me, empathy and understanding is a much more effective vector of communication.

Body image can be considered a serious issue here in the United States. We have grown up in a society that idolizes the ‘perfect’ body image. For both men and women, we often subject each other to some fairly harsh judgements that can lead to psychological and emotional distress. Some of us are not nearly effected as much as others but we I do believe we all share an inherent sensitivity to it. I often find myself wondering whether or not she finds me attract still but I do my best to focus on other positive aspects.