An Investment for a Healthy Future

I have watched as my parents grow older which has been an experience I can only describe as both blissful and happy. They have been together for nearly 40 years now. 40 years of creating a beautiful life together with wonderful accomplishments but time is no friend of anyone – just like anyone else they too are beginning to wane under the passing minutes, hours, days, weeks and years. When my father fell in the shower while nobody was home to hear his cries for help, I knew then I had to get them a medical alert system.

It’s painful to have to do this. It’s little things like this that are reminders that they are growing more frail and that life is not going to be any easier on them in the coming months. I wish there was more that I could do but as two people who have done their best to take care of themselves over the years, there really is nothing more than anyone can do to help them live out healthy and happier years. As a son, it’s incredibly painful to have to watch them struggle with the daily routines that they once never gave second thought too.

I do feel better knowing that the medical alarm system is going to help protect them from future falls. I know it’s not much and I dearly wish that I could bring them into my own home but since I only live in an apartment there’s simply no way that all three of us could live here comfortably. I’ll do what I can even if that means checking on them daily and spending more time with them. I feel like I may not have very long to have them with me in this world which is a terrifying thought.