It is Best to Get Help Right Away

I love taking care of my front and backyard. It gives me a lot of pleasure, and I have always said that it helps to keep me in shape, too. It is not easy work at all. A couple of weeks ago, I was bending over to grab onto my wheelbarrow handles, and my back went out. It was such a surprise and so upsetting when it happened. I wondered if there was a good chiropractor in Mesa that could see me quickly. But I ended up putting off making any sort of appointment because I was hoping that I would get better without any external help.

I had to walk into my house stooped over after my back went out. I spent a couple of hours after that walking around inside my house trying to get things done in that same stooped-over position as well. At some point, I realized that I needed to get into bed instead of pushing it or I would make the entire issue much worse.

After two days of spending most of my time in bed, I realized that things were not going to get better quickly. I was wasting time laying around in pain when there’s a solution with someone else’s help. I called around and got some good recommendations about who to make an appointment with. The guy is really nice, and he said he would see me that same day. I ended up having a neighbor drive me over there since I could not drive myself.

When I talked to the chiropractor during my appointment, he explained that gardening does give you a good work out, but that you also need to do other strengthening exercises and you have to eat well, too. The strengthening will help to better other muscles that you don’t deal with during the gardening itself. He did his magic, and within just 20 minutes I was able to stand again without any pain.