Just Got Back from Jamaica

Of course for the most part we stayed in the tourist areas, we were staying at this resort. It was sort of nice, but not really outstanding. Obviously I was doing a good bit of drinking and Sianne and I laid out in the sun a lot. I got a bit sun burnt, but it was nothing that I could not handle. We were out doing some sight seeing and I popped in this bodega looking for something like aloe to soothe the burn. Sianne found this stuff called sex stone or Jamaican Stone and showed it to me. I had no clue what it was, but eventually we figured out that you were supposed to rub the stuff on your penis, to solve any problems that you might have in that area. It was not something that I was interested in, but she thought it was hilarious. The guy behind the counter explained it in graphic detail.

Now this stuff was of some herbal origin, but it looked like it came out of the wrong end of some sort of rodent. It was not in my plans to get it near me. Of course that was when I was totally sober. Later on we did some drinking and Sianne talked me in to trying it. I have no clue if it did anything or not. Pretty much seemed the same to me, but Sianne tried to convince me that it was a miracle and did wonders for my performance in that area. I knew that she was messing with me, but she has not given it up yet and is having a pretty good time with the joke. I just pretended that I did not know what she was talking about, because I knew she was making a joke.