Looking to Find the Best Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

I have this issue with my back that has been getting worse and worse over the past couple of months. I need to find a good chiropractor in Santa Rosa, but I have no real idea how to pick someone I can count upon. Of course I need someone who is able to fix my problem and also is going to be able to do it without any real risk of injuring me. In fact it is possible for the best chiropractor to either injure you severely or even kill you if he makes a real mistake. WHat they are doing is inherently dangerous. In fact any time that you go trying to move the bones in the body around, there is the chance that you might simply mismanage the process and in very rare cases there have been fatal results of chiropractics adjustments. At first I was not very concerned about it and I thought that it would go away after annoying me for a period of time. However it never really went away and then it started to become a serious problem. It is the worst in the morning usually. I have started trying to get out of bed and stretch in the middle of the night, because I really get stiff if I lay in bed for six to eight hours. I need to find a good chiropractor in this part of California, but I have no idea how to figure out who is going to give me what I need with the least possible risk of it going bad on me. I am extremely paranoid about the entire thing to be honest and I really want to find a person whom I can trust absolutely. However I realize that even the best of these people probably have bad days and bad outcomes.