Moved in with These Two Guys

It was not like I was looking at a wealth of options, I was determined to get out of the place I had been staying. I would have to figure out how to buy xanax online if I had to spend another semester sharing a room with that crazy son of a gun I had been sharing a room with. Of course the big thing was that I could not depend upon him to cough up his share of the rent and the household expenses. The place was really cheap, but I could not afford to pay for it all myself. I was pretty sure that he would end up getting thrown out of school or flunking out. He was a little bit beyond being on the creepy side and apparently this girl was accusing him of stalking her. I did not doubt that and most of all I did not want to end up with him thinking crazy thoughts about me.

I am in comp sci classes with all three of these guys and they seem to be relatively normal guys. Most of all they all have the means to pay their bills from what I can tell. I did not do an FBI background check on any of them, but I did make them sign an agreement which seems to be pretty airtight. Of course I just wanted them to know it was not as though I was going to take up their slack if they partied all of their money away before the bills came due. I am running on a pretty tight budget right now. I have my car insurance, the rent, or at least my share of the rent and the utilities, groceries and so forth. That leaves me with a tiny bit of lee way.