My Wife Had Me See a Chiropractor

When my wife suggested that I go to a chiropractor, I initially balked at the idea. I knew that I had health issues, but I figured that they were things that I would be able to take care of on my own too. My wife had different ideas though, and she would not let up on it. I finally told her I would see a San Francisco chiropractor if she agreed that she would stop talking about it if I was not satisfied from the very first visit. I was surprised when she agreed so readily, but I was also happy.

She made me the appointment with a chiropractor that one of her friends sees. She told me that she had been thinking of going to him herself, but I had no idea why because there was nothing wrong with her. She explained that a chiropractor is not just there for someone who is in pain, like I was. He, or she, is also there to help a person be their very best as far as their physicality goes. She told me about spines being misaligned and adjustments, but I figured I would wait to hear more details from the doctor himself.

I was early for my appointment because I had to fill out some paperwork. I had to list all my ailments on it, and I was surprised to see that I had to list so many. When they are not all acting up at once, it is easy to forget that there are so many. The chiropractor was able to look at the list and determine that spinal adjustments would help take care of some of them. He did the first one there after explaining what he was going to do, and I had to admit that my wife was right in sending me here. I felt better, and she and I actually have an appointment there together once a month so we can both have adjustments done.